Monday, July 22, 2013

The World According to Tavin - Chapter 2

Erin's writing on the clothing tag

An ethereal rack mixed with Victorian dresses and vintage blouses from Mexico and India

Detail of Erin's "mood" board/collage on the wall

This Indian blouse and denim jacket definitely seem made to go together

Great prairie Ralph Lauren blouse

And a plaid Isabel Marant tunic, two favorites

Incredible handcrafted skirt from Thailand (one of Lee Ann's favorites). Erin's styling tip: wear with a fresh white blouse.

One of the many eye-catching tableaux in the store. This one with Miu Miu platforms and a fedora.

Something one doesn't see often: A clothing rack filled with one of a kind dresses from Afghanistan

Even the dressing room has a story (stories)

Kristin browsing

Window detail

Sweet dress from Mexico (accented with a glass bead necklace and dried flowers!)

Another detail of the window story -- could be an outtake from a summer Big Sur camping trip

Top view of the table outside the front of the shop

 The side of Tavin's front area (view from cookbook)

Our visit to Tavin was a richly enjoyable experience that yielded seemingly endless surprises -- and we never once felt like we were in LA. Looking at these photos, we are discovering Erin's unique must-have finds all over again. Can't wait to go back...and to cookbook as well for post-shopping treats!

A big thanks to Erin for making us feel so welcome!! X

Friday, July 19, 2013

The World According to Tavin - Chapter 1

Erin Tavin in one of her Afghani dresses (all are unique and embroidered! This one has mirrors, incredible)

Perfect Victorian dress

"Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order." Virginia Woolf

Love this case, a microcosm of a little desert landscape filled with cacti and turquoise (and sand!)

Our eyes went directly to this rack that had vintage blouses and dresses from India and Mexico

This blouse would look perfect with army pants or slouchy jeans

Even the tags are unique in the shop, and has Erin's writing on the back (one of her hobbies)

Lovely purple vintage Indian dress

No corner is left unturned...this book caught my eye

Why didn't we get this?! Lovely South American vintage textile bag

Adore this purple embroidered dress from Mexico

Always good to see vintage YSL

There are incredible textiles in the shop like Bolivian frasadas (pictured on the left)

There is a lot of jewelry throughout - this case was filled with some of our favorite jewelry from the Navajo

Best soap: Big Sur Country Soap

Antique library card catalog drawers filled with belts, books, et c.

"Laura in the field Laguna Beach, CA 1969." Absolutely love this picture!

There are people who have style, and there are people who live it. Erin Tavin is a very charming example of the latter, and her wondrous boutique Tavin (on one of the coolest blocks in LA, Echo Park Blvd) is an emporium of fantastically edited (Erin is a talented stylist) and expertly curated vintage and recent covetable designer finds. Shopping at Tavin is a truly special experience -- your eye travels the world from Afghani and Indian dresses and Navajo jewelry to Thai cotton skirts, delicate Victorian frocks, Sonia Rykiel and YSL gems, books from local authors, and aromatherapeutic soaps and herb bundles from Big Sur.
Erin and her husband Nathan are soon embarking on a shopping, camping, and hot springs road trip in the Pacific Northwest, starting in Seattle. We can't wait to get back to Tavin to see what treasures she brings back.